Hello, USD 204 Staff!

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Employee Assistance Program

The USD 204 Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), offered through BHS (Behavioral Health Solutions), offer a vital array of resources to support employees in navigating personal and professional challenges. This program provides confidential counseling services with trained professionals to assist with issues ranging from stress management and work-life balance to substance abuse and mental health concerns. As an employee, you are eligible to receive up to 5 counseling sessions through the EAP at no cost. BHS also offers legal and financial consultations, child and elder care resources, convenience services, and more.

The EAP is available to ALL staff in USD 204 and their household members, enrollment in the district benefits program is not required.

Click HERE to access the BHS portal, and use USD204 (all caps, no space) for your Organization ID.

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Join District Wellness Challenges with Movespring!

The USD 204 Wellness Team is excited to introduce Movespring—an innovative wellness app designed to enhance your health journey right from your fingertips! As part of our ongoing commitment to promoting staff wellbeing, we encourage you to download Movespring and create an account today. This platform offers a variety of engaging wellness challenges tailored to fit your schedule and interests. Whether it's step challenges, mindfulness exercises, or nutrition goals, Movespring makes staying active and healthy both fun and rewarding. Join your USD 204 colleagues in friendly competition and support one another on your wellness journeys. Be on the lookout for information about the next challenge coming soon!